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Slemani Silo Controlled Demolition on 2/2/2018

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19 Dec 2019

On 02/02/2018 and exactly at 12:05 PM, for the first time in Iraq’s history, controlled explosives were used to demolish an old grain silo in Sulaimaneya, Kurdistan Iraq, with causing no harm to the people and surrounding buildings. The silo plant was successfully brought down using dynamite in less than 12 seconds after setting the charges off. The process was planned by Hiwa Rauf for Investment & Development (HRID) with the local authority and security forces assistance.

The old grain Silo is situated in the heart of Sulaimaneyah city, Iraq. It was built by former Soviet contractors over 30 years ago, but was never completed due to the subsequent wars in the region. Since the plant wasn’t functional, the authorities decided to move the facilities to an agricultural area and turn the place into a modern project. The replacement project (Downtown) incorporates a shopping center, amusement park, green area, residential apartments, commercial office tower and a hotel.

HRID contributed to the city by building a new governmental department complex and another modern steel grain silo at Said Sadiq Area which has been in operation for the last three years.

For more information on Hiwa Rauf for Investment & Development (HRID), please visit http://www.hiwarauf.com/Default.aspx

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